Fast, easy, new

Forget typing and start planning at lightning speed!

CandooIt is a planning APP suitable for both professional and home use

CandooIt uses a smart preset list for common activities, where you can easily pick your stuff, place it in your day and customize it whenever you want!

CandooIT LT

Awesome infographic visualization

See your activities fill the spare time, manage spanning and moving, swipe across weeks and months.

The interactive infographic allows you to change everything with a simple gesture

Moreover, CandooIt offers the standard tools you'll need to plan your activities with to the minute precision

Sync, share, never forget!

No matter if you are using other clients, CandooIt can be synced with your Google Calendar account and iCal too!

See your Google calendars, share events, place reminders using email, SMS or Apple Notification Center

All the standard features are here: reminders, recurring events, invitations, places, descriptions. Furthermore it is a universal app that you can use on your iPhone (4, 4s, 5, 5s/c), iPod Touch and your iPad!

And more to come...

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